PDa - Puredata anywhere


I make the source and binary packages for different platforms available.

Download PDa

The packages are in different folders according to the platform or distribution. They might not be always up to date. You can also check out the "src" directory to get the sources.

URL for apt

You can also just add a line to the pda repository to your ipkg system:


Familiar: src x11 http://gige.xdv.org/pda/release/familiar
OpenZaurus: src x11 http://gige.xdv.org/pda/release/openzaurus
pdaxrom: src cacko-unstable http://gige.xdv.org/pda/release/pdaxrom

Installiation Notes

In order to install PDa on your PDA, you need to install a Linux distribution on your device first.


Pdaxrom is a distribution for the Zaurus clamshell models. I have a C860, so this description applies to that. First I installed pdaxrom "stable" release 1.1.0beta1. With the ipkg tool one can install additional libraries to the device, but first put a valid repository line in /etc/ipkg.conf: src cacko-unstable http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/pdaxrom/download/1.1.0beta1/Zaurus-7x0-860/feed is what I used. The do a ipkg update, ipkg install tcl, ipkg install tk Fetch the PDa version for pdaxrom and install it by hand (ipkg install pda_xx.ipk).

Nokia Webpad

Comes already with Linux and X-windows, just browse with the device builtin webbrowser to the maemo directory in the download link. Click on the package and the rest should be automatic.

angstrom (openembedded based) distribution

This distribution is supposed to replace some distributions like openzaurus and probably familiar. TODO: check how to install PDa on these.

The ipk packages format

"ipk" packages are the packages that are commonly used and are similar to Debian's "deb" format or "rpm". Effectively they are "tar.gz" files, that bundle the software as it should be installed on your device.

This means, if your distribution does not support ipk packages, you can still install these by unpacking with tar (or ar).

e.g ar x puredata-a_0.2.ipk

Will give you two files, one is the software (data.tar.gz) and the other is the meta information (control.tar.gz). The data.tar.gz contains the software binary.

Last Modified: August 16 2007 22:55:59 GMT