PDa - Puredata anywhere

Supported Hardware

PDa should generally run on all Linux based devices. Due to differences between the specific platforms it is most of the time difficult to install PDa on your device. I have been trying to supply precompiled packages for several different platforms, but they sometimes are out of date due to the lack of time for updating. In the worst case the real hackers can try to compile the system form source. Here is a list of the working platforms.

Notes on different platforms

Generally, if you do not need the graphical part (TCL/TK), you should be able to run PDa on any Linux enabled ARM based system, such as these:

Triton LP.

Most likely PDa also runs on Linux based mobile phones. The problem might be to have all the information to compile and install it. Not so for the OpenMoko phone:

OpenMoko project


Here is a version of PDa for gumstix http://bekstation.bek.no/immigrante/pda_port_for_the_gumstix/pda_gumstix.tar, provided by alejo (user funkzvv at googles mail (gmail)).


Preliminary work has been done to support the Blackfin architecture.


Another cheap platform you can use are the NSLU2 storage routers. They come with a 133 Mhz ARM CPU, that can be overclocked to 266 Mhz. See the NSLU2 Linux homepage. One good thing about these routers is that they come with two USB ports, so you can hook up high quality soundcards.


iPod's are based on ARM processors too, just install linux on it and download a precompiled version of PDa for your ipod. This version comes without the tcl/tk gui, it has a costum gui called "pdpod", created by Martin Kaltenbrunner.


Yet another platform you can use to play around with Pd is the gp2x. Chris McCormick has created gp2xPd, a frontend for Pda for the gp2x gaming console.

Nokia Webtablet

The Nokia 770 Network Tablet runs a version of Linux based on the meamo system. Work is on the way to make PDa running on these, preliminary packages are here. Its installable on the 770 and the N800.

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