PDa - Puredata anywhere

Version 0.6 for gumstix embedded by tim Redfern

Version 0.7 onewindow

Version 0.7 prerelease. This version has lots of bugs still, especially when editing patches. It also has changed window handling. This is the first time I include a precompiled binary for the Nokia webpad. Download from here.

Version 0.6 available

PDanywhere has gone through several bugfixes and adaptations. The list of supported devices grew considerably. Currently this version is only available as source code from here.

New version 0.3test3 available

This test version is faster, it reduces the CPU percentage in idle mode, which means when nothing is done .. definitely worth the upgrade. Also fixed a bug when saving arrays.

Second test version of pda 0.3 on the server

I have put another test release (test2) of PDa on the server. To stay aligned with standard Pd, I have split the package into pda and pdaext packages. pdaext contains some additional externals.

Release of test version for 0.3

The new 0.3 release is closer to the official Pd version in its look and feel. This is the first test version before the official release of 0.3. Download from here.

New website

The old Zope website disappeared, here is the new one.

Last Modified: April 07 2008 13:31:48 GMT